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Gampower Services have years of experience working with a wide range of diverse industries, needs, organizations and backgrounds.

Below you will find a example of Traffic Oriented Reference we have achieved on one year program. One of the best things a web site can do for the bottom line is increase the sales. Search Engine Optimization program is an incredibly cost-effective way to do just that.

We concern our clients' site traffic performance, and how many traffic increase can bring the Actual Revenue to them or at least can fullfil their primary objective.

Please note that we do not publicly disclose our clients names or URL's. Please contact us for another examples of client successful case.

Hotel Industry - Case Studies By Traffic Increase Program

Sampling of target terms: hotel in hk, hk hotel, TST hotel, harbour view hotel hk, hong kong luxury hotel, hong kong serviced suite...etc.

In one year we increased unique visitors to this site from 110 to nearly 29,623 per month. Page views increased from about 1,000 to almost 100,000 during the same period.

Time Period Page Views Unique Visitors
Month 1 1,009 110
Month 2 3,679 1,079
Month 3 8,099 2,900
Month 4 8,925 2,662
Month 5 12,699 3,220
Month 6 19,223 4,200
Month 7 26,218 6,988
Month 8 22,210 5,813
Month 9 28,720 6,809
Month 10 58,336 9,776
Month 11 66,616 15,997
Month 12 98,389 29,623

We have a proven track-record for putting our clients on the Top Major Targeted Search Engines and driving more potential customers to their web sites.

We have increased targeted site traffic for our clients by thousands of percent, without ever having to resort to pay-per-click or paid sponsor advertising.

  Actual results of search engine optimization over one year

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