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We offer a free consultation prior to start in search engine marketing campaign. Request a free consultation for your business. Contact us now.

Define Marketing Goal

We highly recommend you to define your marketing goal before using this PPC advertising service. Once your target set, we will have a direction to select the most fit keywords, and known how to measure your success in it.

Initial Consultation & Keywords

We will use manual searches as well as custom research software (like google keyword tools, yahoo keywords tools and wordtrackers), an optimizer on our staff will take the gathered data (including keywords, search volume, predict clicks) and create a list of the most highly trafficked and targeted words in your industry - and consult with you to choose the final keywords.

Copy Writing

After a list of keywords has been generated for your Website, it is passed along to our experience copy writers, who create unique copies in ads title and ads descriptions. Using their training and experience, our writers will ensure that your copy utilizes the keywords in accordance with the right densities and marketing of your site. In addition, they will consult you before getting started on your copies to be confident that the essence with yours Website is not compromised.

Tracking Code

In order to measure the efficiency of your ads, as a result get better ROI, it is highly recommended to install tracking code into your site. This tracking code normally consist of traffic tag and keyword tag. The traffic tag is a 1x1 pixel, and easily insert into the webpages.

Budget Setting

Base on the marketing goal, it is suggested to set budget planning for different time period, regions, engines, ad campaigns, ad groups and keywords. For example, normally, Google can provide a better traffic, revenue and ROI, and then follow by yahoo, msn, while in China, Baidu is the king, therefore, if your ads is targeting worldwide, Google have more value to have more budget.


After all the process on above is completed, we will upload your keyword ads to all the target engines. See Our CPC Engine Lists. The keyword ads will be in editor review period after uploading. Each engine has its own editorial guide line and decline reasons. Normally, it is unlikely for all the keywords to passed. We will try our best and efforts to re-tune the keywords and ad copies base on the declined reasons, then re-submit the keywords, to make them approval as many as possible.


We run reports for clients on monthly or bi-weekly base. The reports consist of search engine report and tracking report from our tracking system. The traffic report from search engines are normally consist of clicks, impressions, PPC, CTR, spending cost, etc, detailly by which region, campaign, ad group, ad copies and keywords.

The tracking report normally consist of clicks, revenue, orders, referrals, etc, detailly by which region, campaign, ad group, ad copies and keywords. We will uploaded these reports online and updated you via e-mail.

Monitoring and Management

In addition to the monthly / bi-weekly reports, our staffs will monitor your ads on daily base or weekly base, depends on the stability of your ads. We will ensure the ads are always alive / online, and ensure the daily spending would not over the daily budget. If it is necessary, our PPC professional staffs will fine tune the keyword copies or campaign setting, to ensure your ads to get a better CTR, higher ROI and smart spendings.

Traffic Analysis and Better ROI

Again, Our PPC advertising service is not targeting on spending, we would like to get a better ROI as well. Base on the tracking reports and the engine reports, we will keep to give suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of the ads, as well as how to reach the marketing goal we planned in the initial period.

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