Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  What is search engine optimization / seo?

SEO service is aim to optimized a website in order to make it most search engine friendly, help to improve keywords phrases relevancy and keywords rankings of the website in the natural search results / organic search results of each search engine.

The ordering / rankings of the search results are depends on the sorting algoirthm, an sorting algoirthm is basically a mathematical formula used by the search engines to determine which results to show and which order to show them in. Each engine has its own sorting algoirthm, some algoirthms depends on relevance of the keywords to the pages, some depends on link popularity / page ranks (PR value).

Optimization is the process in which your Website undergoes redevelopment to properly and best communicate your keywords to search engines. In order for your Website to rank highly among major search engines, you must understand how they become ranked. In common, search engines rank Websites based on two major factors:
  • Unique content with pertinent keywords in the body
  • Link popularity - the number of quality incoming links your Website has

Other factors that determine your ranking in the search results are:
  • Architecture of the site
  • Visibility of your content
  • Underlying code
  • How natural your site appears to the engines
  • Other hidden factors (keep secret by search engines)

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