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  Who We Are

Gampower, a member of the Mediaplaygrounds Ltd., we have been performing search marketing for more than 5 years. We understand search market trend, coding, copywriting and SEO friendly website design. After many years of engaging in SEO methods and seeing how changes affected rankings, we gained a unique prospect on what works and what does not. Gampower is a pioneer in the field of search engine marketing in Asia with innovative technology, insiders expertise and solid industry relationship.

  What Makes Us Unique

  • Our philosophy is simple V Professional, Reliable, Individualized Service for our clients and partners.
  • Our particular focus is on internet marketing strategic services with an emphasis on creativity.
  • Innovative, energetic, skillful, analytical, logical and knowledgeable are used to describe the Gampower team.


Gampower gives personal attention to each client. We are easy to reach, no layers before you talk to the specialist who is handling your search marketing program. We primary focus of our work is on strategic internet marketing presence for our clients. And we keep monitoring your website on weekly basis after optimization is fulfilled.


With the major search engines continuously changing algorithms to better present searcher, it is important to monitor the rankings often. Although this can seem a common sense approach, we believe that the more advanced Google, Yahoo! and MSN become, the more important it will be to have a good SEM specialist to perform search engine optimization. The fact is the listing of search result is natural to fluctuate. If changes are across the board we know the effect lies with the search engine, not the site.


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